Art Clay Silver (metal clay) can be worked just like other craft clays.  It can be sculpted, pressed into moulds or textured with stamps, natural leaves or plates.

Art Clay Silver

Art Clay Silver comes in many forms. It is a water based clay that consists of a combination of different sized micron-sized particles and non toxic organic binders.

When fired to the recommended temperature, the organic binder burns away leaving pure silver (except for the "Original" series, all clays shrink between 8%- 9% when fired).  The finished silver item can be hallmarked as 999 silver by assay offices throughout the UK.

Firing can take as little as 5 minutes and it is even possible to "fire" the clay using a gas hob on a domestic cooker!

The metal clay can be rolled, shaped, moulded, textured and will delight anyone who is interested in designing and manufacturing their own jewellery. 

If you are interested in working with this product, we offer training, starter kits and a reputable desktop kiln

This product is versatile for businesses and can provide a good stream of income.  Businesses can organise workshops and/or training.  In addition, many craft outlets are providing a hand-made silver keepsakes service.  There are many products in the Art Clay Silver range including, clays, paper, paste and ring sizing sheets.  Click here to go to view products in our shop.

Country Love Crafts supply all the equipment, silver clay training and support required to start your own silver keepsakes business using Art Clay Silver products.

Our silver clay starter kits are great for any size business.  Please note however, the kits do not include instructions.

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