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A Beginners Guide to Purchasing A Pottery Ceramics Kiln


Click on the link to see our Kiln Price List - valid from October 2016.

The document shows lots of information including prices, kilowatts, top temperatures, electrical supply, weight and dimensions (internal chamber and external).  On page 2 there is a breakdown of the furniture sets included.

We have some kilns in stock and if you need the kiln urgently these can be despatched on a next-day delivery (working day, not weekends).  For kilns we don't have in stock, there is an average 2-3 week lead-time on a direct despatch agreement.

Buying a kiln?  Here's our checklist:

  • Location:  Please check the dimensions of all doorways and passages to ensure that the kiln can be placed in position (once a kiln has been delivered you will have to pay for a very costly return if it is too wide).  Dimensions are listed on the kiln price list.  The width is the narrowest part of the kiln (the kilns have a box that houses the wiring making it wider in some places).

  • Installation:  Installation is not included in the price.  For kilns that need hard-wiring, a qualified electrician will need to carry out your installation.  We recommend following the manufacturers' recommended guidelines - see the bottom of this article for installation guidelines from both Nabertherm and Potterycrafts.

  • Electrical requirements:  Please check your site can take the ampage and KW of the kiln (this is for either a home or business).  A qualified electrician will need to confirm this.  Again, once a kiln has been delivered it will be a very costly return if the kiln needs more power than the premises can provide.  Ampage and KW are listed on the kiln price list.  PLEASE NOTE: extension leads and electrical spur sockets are not suitable for the 13amp plug kilns as they weaken the power supply and ALL the power is needed to run the kiln. 

  • Kiln Deliveries:  All deliveries are a door-to-pavement service.  The courier will have a tail-lift and most drivers are willing to use a pallet truck to wheel the pallet as near to the final destination as possible. Don’t forget you will need to ensure you have the manpower on site to move the kiln (see weights listed on the price list for each model).  The driver will not wait for you unpack the kiln and nor will they take the pallet.

  • Top firing temperatures.  Some of the smaller kilns have a top temperature of 1200.  If you want to fire stoneware, china or porcelain then this top temperature will be too low and you will need a kiln with a top firing temperature of 1300.  Top firing temperatures are listed on the kiln price list.

  • Insurance:  Don't forget to let your home or business insurance provider know that you are operating a kiln - failure to pass on this information may result in your provider invalidating your policy. This Craft Insurance guide may help: 

Discounts and Support:

Please note that we offer discounts and added extras which equate to about £300 off the cost of the kiln.  These are:


We also offer FREE glazing training to anyone that buys a kiln from us: .  We want businesses to be a success and invest in the longevity of the relationship, not just a quick sale, hence the low-cost of our training.

Our one-day intensive training course at £50 per person is very popular if you intend to use your kiln for business purposes - .  Each delegate receives a £50 voucher off the cost of a kiln (up to the value of £100) so in effect, the course is FREE. 

Inspiration, Social Media and Keeping In touch

Whatever your decision going forward, please feel free to connect with us online:

We are a small, friendly team and have helped hundreds of customers buy their kilns and thousands of pottery businesses set-up.  Please email or call us if you have any questions.