Pottery Glazing & Kiln Firing

Learn About Glazing & Firing Pottery/Ceramics


Amazing Glazing Training

With Jenny Hawkins

Essential for all new business owners or as a refresher course for existing business owners.  Learn different methods of glazing and how to load and fire a kiln.  All levels of experience welcome!

If you are not happy with the quality of your kiln firing and glazing, perhaps we can help?  Common problems are pin-holes, orange peel, pin-pricks, milky glaze, dull glaze, chipped glaze (shivering), raw patches, bauld patches, craters, blisters, crackle effects, split glaze or split pottery, black pottery, charcoal residue and more.  Please check out our glazing support articles or book a space on our training course. 

Course Content/Agenda:

Delegates will learn:

  • Which glaze(s) will you need?  The qualities and differences of glazes 
  • Dipping, brushing and roll/spill glazing techniques
  • Safe storage of your glaze
  • Dry footing and stilting
  • How to load your kiln efficiently
  • Advanced loading techniques for plates, tiles etc
  • Trouble shooting and frequently asked questions
  • Your own copy of our ‘Glazing & Firing' manual to take away – packed full of helpful hints and tips (21 pages of information and colour photographs).
  • A practical session is also included.

To Book:

Cost: The course is £50 + VAT or free when a kiln is purchased.

Time:  10am until 1.00pm

Call 01235 861700 to book a space or send an e-mail enquiry to  Remember to let us know what date you are interested in booking and your contact information.


Forthcoming Dates:

COST:  £50.00 or FREE* - *FREE if a kiln is purchased through Country Love Crafts (two FREE places available per business).
TIME:  10am-1pm 

NB:  Timings are approximate and are dependent on the number of delegates attending.

Day            Date                            

Monday 16 January 2017
Tuesday 28 February 2017
Monday 27 March 2017
Tuesday 18 April 2017
Monday 22 May 2017
Friday 16 June 2017
Monday 17 July 2017
Monday 14 August 2017
Tuesday 12 September 2017
Monday 09 October 2017
Monday 06 November 2017

Common questions and issues faced by new or existing Clay Cafes/Pottery Painting Businesses:  Basic pottery painting skills (what to watch out for when painting pottery before, during and pre-glazing); is hand-painted/DIY pottery painting considered food-safe, dishwasher proof, oven proof; mixing glazes and underglazes; preparing glazes and underglazes for a pottery painting business; mixing brands of glazes & underglazes; recommended bisque firing temperatures and understanding kiln programmes for clay cafes; determining a good identification process for returning customers painted pieces;  dry-footing bisque and stilting; a recommended tools and equipment list for a glazing room and ceramic pottery kiln; methods of glazing (dipping, double-dipping, hand-dipping, spill-glazing, roll-glazing, brush glazing); glaze viscosity; glazing problems (kiln loading questions; where to put a kiln; how to glaze/fire baubles, tiles, plates, beads, large items, round objects; glazing defects and anomolies (delayed crazing, crazing, milky/hazy/matt glazes, blisters/craterholes/craters,  pin-holes/pin-pricking/orange-peel affects; raw bisque, crawling, shivering/colour pinging off/chipped glaze, cracking/splitting/dunting; firing pinks, purples and reds.