Clay Play Crafts & Workshops

Shape, mould, sculpt, cut and create


Air-Drying, Kiln-Fired or Polymer

Credits for the above flip flop footprint image go toDawn Whitehand.

Clay workshops are becoming increasingly popular for school activities, holiday clubs and adult .  The benefits are:

  • Art classes encourage individual creativity.
  • Participants can make their own unique keepsakes.
  • Air-drying clay, polymer clays (like Fimo or Sculpy) or traditional potter's clay can produce some fantastic results. 
  • Clay pieces can be decorated with acrylics (or glazes and underglazes if you have a kiln).
  • Workshops can be organised as "sign-up sessions" e.g. a four week course involving 4 x 2 hour workshops. 

Country Love Crafts supply all the necessary tools and equipment to run classes:

Air-Drying Creations:

Kiln-Fired Creations: