Craft Letters Wholesale Trade

New 8cm Range of A-Z Letters Added


Our Craft Letter and Word Range Expanding

We now offer 7 options for A-Z letters at wholesale/trade prices and a choice of 13 words.

Letters are supplied in wood/mdf, papier-mache or pottery and are ready-to-paint or decorate with your arts and crafts products.  Stamp, embellish, cover, glue/stick, decoupage or paint your masterpieces.


CLW00--          2.8cm Wood (Wood) A-Z - Packs of 10
CLMC2--         4.5cm Free-Standing Pottery Letters (White) Pack of 6
CLCV5636-     8cm Wood (Wood) A-Z - Single **NEW**
CLP21--           10cm Papier Mache (Buff) A-Z - pack of 5
CLDPAC2--     12cm Papier Mache (White) A-Z - single
CLCV563--      13cm Wood (Wood) A-Z - Single
CLP20--           20cm Papier Mache (Buff) A-Z - pack of 3
CLDPAC1--     20.5cm Papier Mache (White) A-Z single
CLDPAC39--   25cm+  Mixed Font (Buff) A-Z


CLLFBIZ184     7.5cm LOVE in Wood - single
CLW0004           11cm WELCOME in MDF - single
CLW0005           13cm LOVE in MDF - single
CLW0016           9cm PARTY in MDF - single
CLW0006           13.7cm KEEP OUT in MDF  - single
CLW0007           19.1cm Happy Halloween in MDF - single
CLP1091            8.5cm Love in Papier Mache - pack of 6
CLP1111            9.5cm Dad in Papier Mache - pack of 12
CLMC382          8.5cm LOVE - word (white) pottery - pack of 12
CLMC407          9cm MR and MRS - word (white) pottery  - pack of 12
CLMC408          9cm HOME - word (white) pottery - pack of 12
CLMC409          9cm Dad - word (white) pottery - pack of 12
CLMC410          9cm Mum - word (white) pottery - pack of 12