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Learn About Glazing & Firing Pottery/Ceramics

Home, Internet or Shop

Learn how to throw pots on a potters wheel

Training on learning how to paint ceramics or pottery

Body castings keepsakes

Personalised Pottery or Ceramics

Learn To Create & Sell Casted Keepsakes

Create & Sell Footprints & Handprints In Clay

Create & Sell Fingerprint Charms/Silver Keepsakes

Home, Internet or Shop

Couture Crafts Retailer Training Day

DecoArt Retailer Training Day

Traditional Tole, Rustic, Country Painting

Canvas Decorating Training and Guidance

Furniture Chalky Paint Makeovers and Revamps

Decoupage Supplies, Parties, Workshops or Events

Flexible First Steps To Starting Your Own Business

Workshops, Training, Tutorials & Product Guides

Artist and Freelance Tutor, Demonstrator & Online Course Provider

Low-Cost Clay Craft Shapes - Air Drying or Kiln Fired


Run Your Own Shabby Chic Workshops Or Learn The Style

Run Your Own Steampunk Workshops Or Learn The Style

Run Your Own Ceramic Workshops
Or Learn A Style

Learn All About More Unusual Ceramic Decorating Products

Ceramic Decorating Techniques for Amazing Designs

Simple But Effective Pottery Painting Techniques

Different & Dimensional Pottery Painting

Run Your Own Decopatch Parties, Workshops or Events

Producing or Selling Hand-Made DIY Crafts

Freelance Craft Demonstrator/Presenter

Run Your Own Altered Art Workshops Or Learn The Style

Design Your Own Training
Course or Agenda

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