Decorating Tools Ceramic Pottery

Shabby Chic Gift Sets Using Simple Tools


Simple, Elegant Designs on Pottery

Create reasonably neat, quick love hearts using the range of wire decorating tools from Kemper - use the oval or leaf shape angled side-by-side.  Simply dip the tool in underglaze and stamp on your pottery.  Fill the wire tool for a solid heart or just ensure the wire is covered for an outlined heart - see white hearts on plate above.

We have embellished the plates on the right using dots from cocktail sticks dipped in red underglaze or from writer bottles filled with white Raised Accents.

Raised Accents are a slip-based colour or engobe used for decorating greenware or bisque.  They create embossed or raised designs that do not flatten out when fired.  Use the empty writer bottles for writing, dotting or squiggling.  Tint the white paste with Duncan EZ One Strokes to create your own colours.

The white paste can be painted over with underglazes as dark as black and the white will still show through after firing - see the green plate on the right that was banded with dark green after the white hearts and dots were added.