DIY Wet Paper Pottery Ceramic Decals

Ceramic Pottery Decorating Idea/Technique


DIY Wet Paper Decal/Stencil Transfer 

Create your own customised designs using copier printed designs, bisque, underglaze and clear glaze.

  1. Basecoat your bisque with underglaze (we used white for the image above and on the right but any colour can be used).
  2. Print your artwork/design/text onto copier paper.
  3. Using scissors or a craft knife, cut around your artwork.
  4. Soak the paper artwork in water .
  5. Once the paper is softened from the water, position it in place on the underglazed bisque.
  6. Apply a contrasting colour of underglaze over the top of the basecoat and over your paper artwork (be careful not to move the paper artwork when painting over it).
  7. Once dry, remove the paper using a craft knife.
  8. Clear glaze and fire as normal.

For the Dad bowl we used the cut out letters whereas for the Mum plate we use the artwork sheet in reverse e.g. we didn't use the cut out silhouette but painted inside it instead.