Foam Stamps For Decorating Ceramics

Letters, Numbers and Assorted Shaped Stamps


Fun and Easy "Paint Your Own Pottery" Decorating Techniques

Stamping or block printing on bisque pottery is a quick and easy way to get fabulous results when decorating ceramics.

It is suitable for all ages but is particularly popular with novice artists and young painters. 

Use method is used to transfer text, images or patterns or combine decorating techniques with brushed, stamped, sponged or stencilled artwork on pottery.

Sponge or Foam Stamps

We offer a selection of stamp options:

Top tips:

  1. We recommend using a sponge/foam lolly to apply underglaze or glaze as it will create a more even application than a brush.
  2. Practice stamping on paper first.
  3. Remember that only a small application of colour is required (the shapes, letters or numbers will collect excess glaze/underglaze around the edges and the shape will not be "sharp" if too much colour is applied).