Image & Text Transfer on Pottery

Personalised Pottery Ceramics


Bespoke Designs, Commissions and Unique Keepsakes

The personalised pottery plate was made by:

  • Photographing the wedding venue
  • The photograph was then converted to an illustration using a FREE online programme.
  • The text was typed (and arched in Microsoft Word).
  • The image and text was printed on a household printer on standard copier paper.  You may need to do a few prints to adjust the size to fit your bisque plate.
  • The paper was cut to size and placed on the plate.
  • CLAY CARBON PAPER was carefully placed under the printed artwork and text (remember to check it the right-side up).
  • The image and text was traced so that the Clay Carbon Paper transferred a light grey outline on the pottery.
  • The image was then "coloured-in" using underglaze.
  • The text was written over using a dimensional glaze.
  • The plate was clear-glazed and fired as normal.