Large MDF Paintable Shapes

Great for holiday camps and workshops


Paint Your Own Wall Art or Door Décor

These extra large paintable shapes are "all the rage" in the US and are being used as colourful door decor or wall art - they look lovely adorned with decorative ribbons and personalised or customised with family or house names.

They are all larger than a desk-top ruler and are a great price.  Click here to check them out!

  • CLLFBFK260 MDF Giraffe Shapes - pack of 3
  • CLLFBIZ041 MDF Palm Tree
  • CLLFBYP304 MDF shape Monkey
  • CLLFBYP307 MDF shape Gecko
  • CLW0032 MDF Butterfly Plaque
  • CLW0033 MD Butterfly plaque
  • CLW0101 MDF shape Butterfly Small
  • CLW0107 MDF XXL Tree and Owl
  • CLW0108 MDF Giraffe
  • CLW0109 MDF Frog
  • CLW0110 MDF Birds on a branch
  • CLW0111 MDF Flat Castle
  • CLW0112 MDF Dragon
  • CLW0113 MDF Pirate Boat
  • CLW0114 MDF UFO
  • CLW0115 MDF Gnome
  • CLW0117 MDF Snail 52x39cm
  • CLW0118 MDF Dancing Pair 1
  • CLW0119 MDF Dancing Pair 2
  • CLW0120 MDF Deer