Make Your Own Clocks

Clock Movement Fittings


Plate, Tile and Canvas Board Clocks

Don't forget that any bisque piece can be converted into a clock by simply drilling the appropriate size hole in your bisque item and fitting a clock movement (making sure there is enough space for the clock movement to fit).  Plates and tiles are very popular - see  images for inspiration.         

Clock Shapes - Pre-drilled holes

  • CLMC376  - Heart Mantle or Desk Clock - clock mechanism is included with this shape (AA batteries required) 
  • CLMC144 - Clock Face 10mm hole, embossed nos.  Clock mechanisim not included.   CLCLOCK004 is recommended (AA batteries required).  Kiln Firing Tip:  this shape is categorised as thick or heavy piece.  To avoid cracking during firing we recommend lifting the clock face off the kiln shelf using a combination of a prop and stilt to promote even heat distribution during the heat and cool down  process.

Clock Shapes (Drilling required)

  • POTTERY:  Tile and Plaques
  • CANVAS:  Canvas Panels (see image above)
  • MDF:  Look through the "flat shapes", "plaques" or "wall décor".  You will need to make sure the shape is wide enough to take the clock movement.

Clock Movements

  • CLCLOCK004 2.4 Straight 6 8, 0.5, 7.8 (black).  Movement has hook moulding (for hanging)   
  • CLCLOCK003 1.75 Straight 2.5, 3, 0.3, 3.2 (red)
  • CLCLOCK002 1.5 Straight 2.5, 3, 0.3, 3.2 (red)

Fitting Clock Movements

  • Put the rubber washer on the spindle. 
  • Push the spindle through the clock hole.
  • Add the metal washer and screw in place using the bolt.
  • Apply the clock hands in the following order - hour, then minute, then second hand. 
  • Press down for a secure fitting. 
  • Add good quality, new batteries.