New Metallic Glazes

Shiny or Matte Polished Glaze Finish


Metallic Glazes

Metallic Glazes present shiny to matte polished finishes that transform ordinary surfaces into dramatic works of art.

Duncan have introduced 5 new Metallic Glazes to add to the Specialty Glazes family - there are 8 Metallic Glaze colours in the range.

All glazes fire to cone 04, with the exception of SY 1024, which fires to cone 06.

SY1027 Weathered Iron
SY1028 Bronze Patina
SY1029 Rhodium
SY1030 Brass Halo
SY1031 Burnished Bronze
SY1024 Antique Pewter (fires to cone 06 - see image of jet fighter on right)
SY1025 Heirloom Silver
SY1026 Modern Brass


  • Metallic Glazes crate a variety of interesting finishes.
  • Glaze thickness, clay body and firing can influence results.
  • Due to the metal-like nature of the glazes they are great for use as a Raku glaze.
  • Metallic Glazes can be combined with other Duncan glazes to create unique effects.


  • Apply 3-4 flowing coats to witness cone 04 bisque.  Thin with water if needed.


  • Metallic glazes fire to witness cone 04 (excluding SY1024 which fires to cone 06).
  • Fire Metallic Glaze alone and do not fire with greenware (gases in the greenware will cause imperfections to the glaze).

These glazes will be brought into stock on a as needed "special order" basis.  Therefore, if you are interested in supplies, please email