NEW Wood Shapes Unpainted Craft Blanks

Wood, MDF Craft Shapes & Blanks


New Ready-To-Decorate Wood/MDF Craft Shapes

Wholesale supplies of ready-to-paint/decorate craft blanks in MDF and wood.  Hundreds of assorted shapes that are ideal for workshops, craft shops, events, DIY handmade gifts, presents and much more. Click here to see our online shop wood/MDF department.

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Here's what's New in our range:

Wood Shape – Beads                    CLCV566770       Wood Bead - pack of 30
Wood Shape - Bowls                     CLCV57452          Heart Bowls - Pack of 3
Wood Shape - Boxes                     CLCV57691          Mini Box with lid - pack of 4
Wood Shape - Easter                     CLCV577300       Bird Table with Zinc roof - Hexagonal shape
Wood Shape - Flat Animals          CLLFBGH516       Wood Hedgehog pack of 3
Wood Shape - Flat Animals          CLLFBHG252       Wooden Butterfly and Dragonfly Pk 6
Wood Shape - Flat Animals         CLLFBTU041       Wood Ladybird
Wood Shape - Flat Shapes           CLLFBGH514       Wood Leaf pack of 3
Wood Shape - Flat Shapes           CLLFBIZ041         MDF Palm Tree
Wood Shape - Frames                  CLLFBGH523       Wood Frame Leaf shape
Wood Shape - Hearts                    CLCV544240       Wooden Heart
Wood Shape - Hearts                    CLCV56579          Wooden Hearts Assorted - pack of 250
Wood Shape - Miscellaneous       CLCV576280       Wall Candle holder - Single
Wood Shape - Miscellaneous      CLCV57748          Lighthouses - pack of 2
Wood Shape - Miscellaneous      CLCV59369          Coat Rack - Single
Wood Shape - Money Boxes       CLLFBIO177        Chest Money Box
Wood Shape - Toys                      CLCV412410       Spinning Top - Single
Wood Shape - Toys                      CLCV564830       Bat and Ball - Single
Wood Shape - Transport              CLLFBTU037       Wood Train
Wood Shape - Transport              CLLFBTU038       Wood Boat
Wood Shape - Transport              CLLFBTU039       Wood Plane