Plastic Bottle Snowflakes

Craft Idea Using Household Waste


From Waste to Wonderful!

An easy, simple craft for everyone to enjoy. 

Transform household waste into an wonderful Christmas decoration.  So simple to make and yet so stunning to look at.  

To make your own snowflakes, take a supply of plastic bottles and a selection of Decoart products and away you go. Items can be embellished too.


  • Cut off the base of the bottle with a small edge left on the sides.  
  • Decide on your design whether it is a snowflake or other. 
  • Choose colours and different paints and finishes.  We used americana acrylics, crafters acrylics, metallics, glitter and writers.  We didn't varnish them as they looked good enough. However if you want to keep them long term,  it may be a good idea to varnish them.

Instructions are also available via our blog:

They look great just placed on a window ledge or table top.  They also look fantastic when you thread a ribbon or string through the side piece and hang them in front of a window creating a colourful reflection on your room.

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Happy creating!