Pottery Ceramic Clay Tools

Tools & Accessories for Ceramic Artists


From Cleaning Tools to Clay Impressions

We now offer a wide selection of pre-packaged ribbon, sculpting, texturing, cutting, and modeling tools for all types of clay.

POT1 8pc. complete pottery tool set
POT2 6pc. 6” lg ribbon cutter tools
POT3 6pc. 6” sm ribbon cutter tools
POT4 6pc. 8” sm ribbon cutter tools
POT5 6pc 8” lg ribbon cutter tools
POT6 6pc 6” wooden sculpting tools
POT7 6pc 8” wooden sculpting tools
POT8 5pc wooden potter’s ribs
ECWT6-38 economy 6” wooden modeling tools 38 piece
EWT8-38 economy 8” wooden modeling tools 38 piece
POT9 mini sculpting tools 5 piece
POT10 micro sculpting tools 5 piece
POT11 basic sculpting set 5 piece
POT12 variety sculpting tools 11 piece set
POT13 round hole cutter 4 piece set
POT14 jumbo ribbon sculpting tool 3 piece set
POT15 7 piece mini variety tool set
POT16 10 piece clay tool variety set
POT17 mini ribbon tools 6 piece set
POT18 wooden calipers 3 piece set
POT20 semi round hole cutter 4 piece set
PS01 wire clay cutter
PS02 clay gun set
PS03 hard fettling knife
PS04 soft fettling knife
PS05 metal handle needle tool
PS06 3 sided stainless steel scraper
PS07 stainless steel caliper
PS08 wooden clay roller

Ceramic Tool Usage

RD1- Cleaning greenware and carving designs
RD2- Cleaning greenware and carving designs (slightly larger than RD1)
RD3- Cleaning greenware and straight pointed tip used for carving designs
RD4- Carving sgrafito designs in clay and glazed surfaces
RD4S- Carving and removing clay and colour and dusting away
RD5- Transfer patterns, make dots with colour and make impressions
RD6- Drill holes in clay
RD7- Remove and cut through fired glaze and bisque
RD8- Remove clay in tight areas
RD9- Saw through greenware
RD10- Lace draping techniques
RD13- Cutting wet greenware
RD14- Cutting wet greenware
RD15- Fine line impressions, dots and designs
RD25- Larger impressions and dots
RD12- Remove clay imperfections and bumps inside shape

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