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New 2016 Colour Guide From Duncan Ceramics


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Duncan Ceramics in the US are proud to announce the NEW Duncan 2016 Color (or Colour if you are British) Selection Guide - Artists Edition 1. 

This new edition is designed to feature emerging and well-known artists from across the nation as they express themselves using Duncan® Ceramic Arts products.

For the online version, please click on the image below. 

Alternatively, email if you would like a hard copy posted.

Duncan® Concepts®
Duncan® E-Z Stroke® Translucent
Duncan® Cover-Coat® Opaque

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Duncan® Envision® Glazes
Duncan® Shimmer Glazes™
Duncan® Crystals Glazes™
Duncan® Color Burst Crystal Chips™
Duncan® Crackles Glazes™
Duncan® Satin Glazes®
Duncan® True Matte Pastels™
Duncan® Designer Glazes®
Duncan® Courtyard Art Glazes™
Duncan® Artisan Glazes™
Duncan® Renaissance Glazes™

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