Pottery Clear Glazes /Protective Finish

Sparkling protection - dipping or brushing


Clear Glazes

We stock a number of readymixed, clear glazes that are easy to use with excellent results.  These are compatible with our bisque and underglaze colours.

Clear glazes add a sparkling, protective finish to your ware and are available in a dipping and brush-on formula.   

Clear Dipping Glazes

Dip glazing saves time when glazing a high volume of ware and make applying glaze to large pieces fast and easy.

Clear Brush Glazes

Brush glazing offers excellent control of application and are both convenient and easy to use.  

Low-Cost Clear Glaze/ Price Reductions

We have purposely reduced the cost of our Hobby Colorobbia clear glaze. 

Like our BULK BUY bisque packs, we see this as a core item for any pottery painting business.

Remember that we have also reduced margin on the Duncan range of underglazes.