Wholesale Artist Sponges

For decorative or professional use


Sponge Range Now Increased

We have added 7 new items to our range:

  • Elephant ear sponges (in three size/pack options)
  • Silk sponges (in two size/pack options)
  • Wool sponge set
  • Natural Ocean Sea Sponge

Enhance your art, craft or home décor project using sponges to create decorative faux finishes e.g. create a marbled look by applying one or two darker colours over a lighter base colour. 

Use with acrylics, oils, watercolours, fabric paints, dyes and much more.

Ideal for sponge painting, faux finishes, stippling, staining, pottery and ceramics.

  1. Ensure surfaces are free of dust or grease.
  2. Rinse sponge with cold water to soften before use.
  3. Squeeze out excess water before dabbing into paint colour.
  4. Apply paint (try dabbing on to paper beforehand to test).

Sponge Options

Spongits / sponge dabbers or sponge daubers:  These sponges are the perfect crafting applicator tool for paints, underglazes, glazes, inks, stains, adhesives, antiquing solutions, dyes and other craft products. These dabbers/daubers can be used to sponge, dot, stencil or for application of wet craft products or paint.  Dabbers/daubers are great for adding spots or polka dot designs.

Foam brush lolly:  There are no bristles or brush marks with this sponge decorating brush. Colour and/or glue application is quick and even. This decorating sponge is highly recommended for large applications, banding, decorating edges or decorating borders. These are the perfect crafting applicator tool for paints underglazes glazes inks stains adhesives antiquing solutions dyes and other products. The absorbent sponge head is used to apply product onto work surfaces and is a great applicator for stenciling too.

Elephant Ear Sponges:  Elephant Ear Sponges are flat shaped natural sponges that finely grained and highly absorbent.  They are pliable, natural sponges that can be used for colour washes or moistening craft projects.

Sea and Silk Sponges:  ideal for sponge painting and for applying thin colour, faux finishes, stippling and staining.

CLR360 Sponge tip applicator brush:  This sponge tipped applicator with handle is great for colour application and blending work.

CLRUBBER SCRUBER    Rubber Scrubber - A two sided cleaning sponge.  One side has a mildly abrasive surface for cleaning and smoothing craft surfaces.

CLSPONGE HYDRA    Synthetic Hydra Sponge.   A polyester sponge that is Hydraphiliated - an extra manufacturing process that gives these sponges tremendous water holding capacity, more than any other polyester sponge.  These sponges are perfect for applying and blending colour or cleaning.  Remember they can also be cut into small wedges for those hard to reach areas.