Making Personalised Signs & Plaques

Help making personalised signs and plaques


We are commonly asked these questions by crafters:

  • Question 1:  What is the best paint to use to decorate my signs or plaques?
  • Question 2:  Can I varnish over the paint?
  • Question 3:  What product would you suggest for writing/painting or personalising my pieces?


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The sample on the left (which is a bisque tile) has been painted with acrylic paints.  Acrylic paints will work on a multitude of surfaces.  DecoArt Americana is a global, top selling brand of acrylic colour that is suitable for use on:  Wood, Paper, Foam Paper, Metal, Plaster, Canvas, Ceramics, Bisque, Glass, Fabric, Terracotta, Masonry, Styrofoam and Papier Mache.

Click on the link for more information on COLOURS, MEDIUMS & PAINTING EFFECTS


There are a number of brush or spray varnish options for items painted with acrylics in matt, satin or gloss finishes.   There are also brush-on or spray options along with products that are suitable for interior or exterior projects.  Click on the link for more information on VARNISHES & SEALERS. 



Pigment pens are great as they are easy to use and won't bleed once varnished. Our order codes are: CLST308-05  for .5mm nib or CLST308-08 for .8mm nib. 

For colourful, dimensional writing with acrylic paints, why not try Americana Writers.  Artists often find these pen-like bottles are easier to write with than attempting to write or outline with a paint brush.


Fine writing

Achieve fine writing on personalised/customised hand-made arts and crafts by using CLDA DG50-1OZ 1oz. empty fine line writer bottle with screw top writer nib lid (manufactured by DecoArt).

These reusable plastic squeeze writer bottles allow for easy controlled applications and are ideal for adding fine details and writing. Simply fill with a acrylic colour or product of your choice. Add a few drops of water to improve flow. Can be filled with underglaze or glaze colour to make a great ceramic pen.


Text/Image Transfer

CLDAS197 grey & CLDAS198 white these graphite transfer sheets/carbon papers (size approx 18 by 36 inches) are ideal for design, text and pattern transfer. Graphite paper, also known as ARTIST TRANSFER PAPER, is an easy and efficient way for artists to transfer their images onto surfaces like canvas, wood, bisque or paper.  Unwanted lines are simply removed with an easer.  Graphite transfer paper works like carbon paper.  Simply place the sheet of graphite paper on top of your surface and underneath the pattern you want to transfer.  Make a copy by pressing hard over the lines of the top copy image.