Country Love Ceramics

Designer Bisque

Designer Bisque is the generic name used for Country Love Crafts own brand of bisque.

The designs in the range are second to none. Look at our on-line shop or download our catalogue and you will see usual shapes like plates, bowls and mugs besides unusual contemporary shapes and even some completely unique designs.  The bisque is mostly supplied in tri-wall cardboard boxes and in low unit quantities.


Most of our shapes are exclusive to Country Love Crafts and we employ a sculptor to make our unique designs.  We are happy to consider any new shapes.  Just let us have your suggestion and we will look at adding the item to our range.  Also, please let us know if you would like your own model made (bespoke bisque order).  Minimum order quantitiy is 1000 pieces per design.

We have a great assortment of bisque shapes to paint including:  animals (butterflies, cats, dogs, chicks, ducks, rabbits, horses, lambs, owls, fish, dolphins, sea horses, crabs, giraffe, zebras, lions, geckos, dinosaurs, dragons, pigs, elephants, bears, bees, ladybirds, snails, cows, worms, squirrels, tortoises, penquins, frogs), beads, boxes, candle holders, embellishments/toppers, figurines, frames, money boxes/piggy banks, plaques, tiles, tableware (cups, bowls, plates, tea sets), vases and flower pots.  Our tiles are an exceptionally popular range of bisque that can be used for a variety of applications.  Schools often make up a montage of children's work and then grout them to a wall or frame.  Tiles are low cost items that can also be used as name plates, coasters and tea pot trivets. 

Finally, check out our low, low prices that are achieved through The Guild of Ceramic Studios, BULK BUY packs, monthly offers and wholesale discounts.  Remember, there is no middle man in bisque pricing - we buy direct from the manufacturers and we pass on these savings to our customers.