Create and Craft with Polystyrene and Styrofoam

Fabric/Textile Blanks To "Paint Your Own"

Ready To Paint Transparent Objects

Ceramic Bisque Pottery Blank Shapes Ready-To-Paint Ornaments & Home Decor

Unfinished Wooden Shapes & Blanks Ready To Paint Furniture & Home Decor

Unpainted Blanks Paper Craft Shapes Ready to paint or decorate

Recycle, Revamp, Re-paint or Restore

Handbuilt Clay Shapes & Designs Create Your Own Clay Masterpieces

Moulded Plaster Casting & Plaster Shapes From Clay Moulds

Candles, Soap, Metal, Fabric, Foam, Stone Pebbles, Plastic, Porcelain and Glass Painting


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Craft Shapes and Blanks - Unfinished, Unpainted, Plain Cut Out, Paper, Pottery, Bisque, China, Earthenware, 3D, Free-Standing Letters, Plaster, Wood, Wooden, Papier Mache, Clay Shapes, Soap Painting, Candle Painting,  Craft Blanks, Copper Blanks, Craft Cut Outs, Blank Letters, Cardboard, Card & Paper Shapes

Craft Blanks, Craft Shapes

Country Love Crafts hundreds of craft blanks in different materials and assorted shapes and sizes and our 20,000sq ft warehouse is full of stock ready to despatch on a 24-48 hour despatch service.  

We supply unfinished craft shapes and cut-outs for various crafting projects including a wide variety of unfinishe, plain, unpainted blanks in ply, mdf shapes, card, plaster, paper, papier mache. Choose from  letters to decorate and paint yourself, fun home & garden ornaments, crafty shapes and paint your own pottery shapes or models.

Don't forget that reclaimed furniture, recycled waste, items such as glass, metal, stone, pebbles, candles, soap and even VEGETABLES make a great craft surface! 

Go on - cut, carve, solder, cast, sculpt, mould, sketch, draw, paint, colour, decorate, embellish, accessorise, recycle, revamp, glue and stick!