Acrylic Paints & Pens For Artists, Crafters & Home Decor Projects


Gloss, satin and matt craft varnishes & sealers 

Transform, embellish or personalise


Distress, Age, Antique or Weather



Food Safety After Covering or Coating Handmade Crafts

Retail Ready Start Up Options For Craft Businesses or painting kits



Create wonderful finishes and effects with these "mix" options.


Soft, Flexible Fabric Paints - No Heat Setting


Decorating Glassware, Plastic and Glossy Surfaces 



Small or mini pots of paint



Simple stencilling & embellishing


Chalks Away!



Transform terracotta, masonry, wood


All that glitters .... add sparkle to your craft project


Add a gold, silver or bronze lustre or shimmer


Texture, dimension & Xmas Fun!


Add texture or dimension to crafts


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