DecoArt Helping Artist Program

Are you:

  1. A craft business, designer, artist, teacher or author that uses DecoArt products?
  2. Someone who "creates" ideas using DecoArt products?
  3. Someone who actively publishes articles in books, magazines or online using DecoArt products?
  4. Developing your own promotional videos using DecoArt products?
  5. Appearing on television promoting DecoArt products?
  6. Able to instruct consumers in the use of DecoArt products?

If so, then DecoArt can provide some amazing opportunities in the DecoArt Helping Artist Program - you can even receive payment and FREE product.

Helping Artists Program

Since 1988 Decoart have worked continuously to promote an open working relationship with artists, tutors, demonstrators, teachers and authors through their Helping Artist Program.  If you are using DecoArt products and are actively publishling articles in books and magazines or appearing on television or in promotional videos you could receive payment from DecoArt.  Application is simple.  The attached downloadable Helping Artists Program UK pdf document explains benefits, features and more information (along with an application form).  Once approved, Helping Artists can benefit from e-mail updates, FREE paint supplies for conventions and ongoing support from DecoArt.  Helping Artists will be listed on the Helping Artist directory of the DecoArt website plus projects can be uploaded in the Projects Library.

DecoArt Sponsored Events

DecoArt frequently sponsor events and demonstrations.  Advance notice is required (1-2 months) so please plan ahead if you are a teacher, business, recognised DecoArt Artist or stockist, organising a Show class or Special Event.  Please e-mail with an outline of your plan and the products you require for your event.

DecoArt have fantastic online support and inspiring projects at