DecoArt Merchandising Stands

DecoArt offer a great assortment of merchandising stands for any craft retail outlet, studio or garden centre.  In addition, retail displays make the shopping experience more comfortable, convenient and customer friendly by:

  • Making it easier for the shopper to locate the desired item.
  • Making it easier for the shopper to self-select.
  • Making it possible for the shopper to co-ordinate & accessorise.

These stands offer a neat solution that helps to promote and sustain commercial activity - what is more, they add visual explosion of colour!        

Retail Displays

In stock, ready for immediate despatch, subject to availability:

  • CLDADEMA111H - Americana Merchandising Stand Top 42 (x 126)
  • CLDADEMA5613H - Americana Merchandising Stand (x 266)
  • CLDADEMA5911H - Americana Merchandising Stand Top 84 (x 252)
  • CLDARA1076 - Ink Effects complete Stand (x 48)
  • CLDARA1077H - Patio Paint Merchandising Stand Top 24 (x 72)
  • CLDARA1087H - Americana Multi Surface Satin Merchandising Stand Top 42 (x 126)
  • CLDARA1186 - Chalky Finish 8oz colour assorted (x 114)
  • CLDARA1187 - Mixed Media (x 306)
  • CLDARA605H - Patio Paint Top 48 (144)
  • CLDCRA112H - Crafter's Acrylic Merchandising Stand Top 48 (144)
  • CLDCRA12H - Crafter's Acrylic Merchandising Stand Top 96 (288)
  • CLDARA1014H - Crafters Acrylic Gloss Assortment Stand  

For dimensions and pack contents, please e-mail                                                                                 

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In the right environment and space, these stands will create a stimulating and engaging display and may encourage sales of other products or services in store.  Also suitable for art schools, colleges or universites.

Image on left shows desktop retail display.