Method is much, technique is much, but inspiration is even more.

Decorative Painting

Decorative Painting is also known as Folk Art Painting (or Folkart), Tole painting, Rustic painting or Country painting.  It is a diverse art that uses painting techniques to decorate surfaces.  Present-day decorative painting is a highly teachable art form where the patterns or freehand designs allow great success without academic training or inherent drawing ability.

Decorative painting is easy to learn and requires very little artistic skill because it is mostly technique-based – learn the technique, practice and apply.  

DecoArt Helping Artists

Since 1988 Decoart have worked continuously to promote an open working relationship with artists, tutors, demonstrators, teachers and authors through their Helping Artist Program.  If you are using DecoArt products and are actively publishling articles in books and magazines or appearing on television or in promotional videos you could receive payment from DecoArt.  Application is simple.  The attached downloadable Helping Artists Program UK pdf document explains benefits, features and more information (along with an application form).  Once approved, Helping Artists can benefit from e-mail updates, FREE paint supplies for conventions and ongoing support from DecoArt.  Helping Artists will be listed on the Helping Artist directory of the DecoArt website plus projects can be uploaded in the Projects Library.

The image on the right shows a complete novice learning how to paint with guest tutor,
Maxine Thomas, during a painting workshop organised by the UKDP.

Support Groups, Networks and Tuition 

We would love to hear from other groups that encourage, support and promote decorative painting too, particularly if you work with DecoArt products. 

If you would like your information displayed on this page please call 01235 861700 or e-mail


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