Hobby Colorobbia

Country Love Crafts sell a two lines from the Hobby Colorobbia range - clear glaze and underglaze.

Hobby Colorobbia are a multi-billion Euro, global manufacturer based in Italy.   Hobby Colorobbia is a division of the Ceramic Colour Colorobbia SpA and they manufacture a number of colours, glazes and raw materials for artistic and industrial ceramics.  Hobby Colorobbia have been established for nearly a century.


Bellissimo underglaze is available in an 8oz flip top bottle. High-quality translucent, ready-mixed, liquid underglaze. Directions for use: Apply 1-3 even coats of paint to mature bisque and allow to dry. Apply clear brushing or dipping glaze as the label instructs. When dry fire to 1020- cone 06.

Belissimo underglazes have a creamy consistency and do not require a medium.  If necessary these colours may be diluted with water.  They are easy to use and safe for all the techniques of ceramic decoration.

Clear Glaze:

This is our top-selling glaze.  The lead-free forumla is very forgiving and loved by both novice and experienced ceramicists/potters because it is easy-to-use and low-cost.  If you are experiencing glazing issues, then please contact us to obtain a free sample of this glaze.  Most businesses switch after testing the glaze and these businesses continue to remain happy with the final results.

  • Low cost
  • Easy to use (loved by novice and experienced glazers)
  • Ready Mixed
  • Long suspension times (low separation formula)
  • Lead-Free
  • Quick drying
  • Suitable for a number of bisque surfaces
  • Durable
  • Beautifully Clear
  • Dishwasher, oven and microwave friendly*

*Although we know that this clear glaze is dishwasher, oven and microwave friendly, it is industry standard not to advertise this statement due to the porosity of surfaces such as earthenware - for example, when heating food or liquid, it is not unusual for the pottery or ceramic to become hotter than the food due to moisture trapped in the ware.

We named this glaze:  Ultra Clear Unleaded Dipping & Brushing Glaze.  It is a lead-free, non-toxic transparent glaze available in three sizes.   Apply this light blue glaze by brushing or dipping. This product is well matched with the Bellisimo range of underglazes as it is made by the same manufacturer but it is also compatible with all of our underglaze products. All bisque glaze firing is to 1010°C- Fire to cone 06.  The available drum sizes are:

  • 1 gallon - great for topping up glaze containers
  • 3 gallon - ideal for anyone who struggles to lift the 5 gallon drum
  • 5 gallon - our lowest cost size option that is a real hit with studios and businesses

The Hobby Colorobbia products are all compatible as they are made by the same manufacturer.  Our Italian bisque is also made using Hobby Colorobbia clay.  Even the bisque manufactured outside of Italy fires with amazing results.  Don't accept poor quality glazing.  Speak to a member of the sales team to find out more - 01235 861700.

Hobby Colorbbia's main website also outlines more information about their products and services.