Mobile or Home-Based Business

Mobile businesses “take the pottery or the crafts to the people”.  Typically, a mobile set up will organise parties or sessions at nurseries, schools, events, businesses and even homes of their customers.

For many people, the thought of commiting themselves to a shop lease and other costs associated with establishing a high street business is just not a tenable proposition - the mobile business provides a perfect solution.

Mobile Party operators generally use their own home as their base - a garage or large wooden shed is all that is needed to store equipment.  Additional mobile venues can be hospitals, village halls, nursing homes, fetes, bazaars, clubs and pubs. There is no end to the opportunities that exist!

Pottery Business

A mobile pottery business can offer:

  • Clay imprints (a child's footprint or handprint impression in clay) - great for nurseries, hospitals and schools
  • Parties (birthday, hen, stag etc)
  • Commissions (any kind of commemorative, hand-painted item)
  • Weddings (bride & groom gifts, speech entertainment, wedding gifts)
  • Entertainment (events, school holiday)
  • Nursing homes, special needs and children centres
  • Group events
  • Corporate hospitality
  • School art classes

A mobile business will bring everything required to paint pottery.  At the end of the event, the painted pottery is taken away to be hand glazed and fired in a kiln.  The fired item is then returned - usually within a week.

Business owners will need a kiln, bisque, underglaze, glazes, brushes, tool and accessories.  We have developed starter kits and check lists to suit all budgets and provide ongoing support.

Crafts Business

A mobile crafts business can offer:

  • Unique, handmade gifts
  • Multiple craft options due to low-cost stock - there is an option to suit every budget and most craft surfaces
    • glass and oven painting
    • wood painting
    • jewellery
    • Decopatch
    • 3D plastercasts of feet and hands
    • papercrafts
  • Parties
  • Entertainment
  • Weddings
  • Group events
  • Corporate hospitality
  • School art classes
  • Nursing homes, special needs and children centres

After training, business owners have the flexibility to order stock as required.  We can help with advice and support on the range of products we offer.

The beauty of a mobile business is that owners are not bound to their original idea - businesses can evolve as demand increases or as confidence grows.  Therefore it makes sense to start a business that will give you flexibility to expand.

Above image is a community project organised by Muddy Puddle Crafts