We have helped establish thousands of new businesses and are now probably the largest supplier to the "paint your own pottery" market in the UK and Europe

Paint Your Own Pottery Businesses

Unless you have been to a "paint it yourself pottery" studio, the concept can be difficult to explain.  Typically, there are three styles of business which can be outlined as follows:

Clay Cafe or Pottery Painting Studio

These are static site locations.  Businesses tend to operate from shops, cafes, studios or workshops in a town centre, industrial estate, garden centre or even as a concession within a large store. 

"Paint Your Own Pottery" provides an uniquely different business opportunity for those who enjoy a little entrepeneurial and artistic flare. This type of business is also known as a Clay cafe and there are businesses springing up all over the world.

Put simply, it is a place where children and adults can go for an hour or two's pottery painting, leave their masterpiece behind for it to be glazed and fired, and collect the finished item a few days later. Country Love Crafts is the UK leader in the field of training and business development for these studios, acting as a one stop shop for all their needs. The set up costs are remarkably low while the potential profit margins are incredibly high.


Home Business or Mobile Business:

Mobile businesses “take the pottery/crafts to the people”.  Typically, a mobile set up will organise parties or sessions at nurseries, schools, events, businesses and even homes of their customers.
For many people, the thought of commiting themselves to a shop lease and other costs associated with establishing a high street business is just not a tenable proposition - the mobile business provides a perfect solution.

Mobile Party operators generally use their own home as their base - a garage or large wooden shed is all that is needed to glaze and fire the painted pieces.  Additional mobile venues can be hospitals, village halls, nursing homes, fetes, bazaars, clubs and pubs. There is no end to the opportunities that exist!

Commissions Service:

Commission service businesses tend to be internet or home based businesses that offer personalised finished ware e.g. a baby’s footprint or handprint, silver fingerprint keepsake or a wedding signature plate. 

Businesses will take an order for a special event and personalise the pottery for a fantastic, sentimental keepsake.  These hand-painted items make unique gifts that are always loved and treasured forever.

Once again, business owners tend to operate from home using a garage or out-house to store stock, decorate and fire items.  There is very little outlay for this type of business - just a kiln, a few supplies and some painted samples as inspiration for potential customers.

Country Love Offer:

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Painting pottery is perfect for children's birthday parties or social occasions like hen parties or corporate events and is good fun and brings out the creative side of any person. Wedding and anniversary gifts of painted pottery are always unique! Hand and foot prints of children on plates make for a good present when a new member of the family arrives. Also cups and mugs have been a great business success story for many painting pottery outlets over the years. It seems one is never too young to start painting pottery! Training and seminars in every aspect of pottery painting is given by Country Love Crafts.