The Potterycrafts range of kilns are manufactured in the UK and represent excellent value for money.  These energy efficient kins come with a 3 year warranty (excludes elements and fibre seal). 

Potterycraft Top Loading kilns:

A great kiln ideal for domestic situations and professional studios.

  • Kiln prices from Country Love Crafts include a programmable controller (details available on request).
  • All kilns are fitted with a Harting socket for easy controller connection.
  • Lid fitted with a quick release lock and padlock provision.
  • Active hinge to allow lid movement during firing.
  • Exhaustible Chimney.
  • Kiln Controller Mounting Bracket.
  • Mains on Light.
  • Furniture set included.
  • All kilns are CE marked and have captive key interlocks fitted to break full load upon opening the kiln to comply with both UK and European legislation.
  • All Potterycrafts kilns are ROHS and WEEE compliant
  • All hobby kilns incorporate a floating hinge on the kiln lid to allow the kiln to expand freely during the firing process.

Other Technical Information

These kilns are constructed of a low thermal mass 63.5mm thick insulation brick with a 19mm backup insulation this is then enclosed within a high grade folded stainless steel outer jacket. The kiln lid and base are constructed of the same high quality low thermal mass insulation brick which is 76mm thick.

Heavy duty Kanthal A1 spiral wound elements are used to heat the kiln; the elements are located in grooves around the side walls of the kiln to allow uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber. All top loading kilns are now fitted with 76mm castors for greater ease of movement, and two vent holes to assist with venting / cooling of the kiln during the firing process, one in the lid and a permanent vent on the side of the kiln via a chimney that can be ducted to atmosphere if required. Potterycrafts Aurora kilns are now fitted with a larger revised front box to give greater airflow over the kiln's electrical components throughout the firing process and to house the kiln's captive interlock safety switch. In addition this range of kilns are now fitted with two contactors to give greater protection against possible overfires, when used in conjunction with Potterycrafts range of microprocessor controllers.