Clay modelling, clay moulding, clay shaping, pottery clay, slip, slip casting.


Clay and Slip

Slip is liquid clay (a suspension in water of clay and/or other materials) used in the production of ceramic ware, for casting or decorating.
Slip Casting:  Method of reproducing shapes in clay by moulding liquid slip in plaster moulds. The plaster absorbs water from the slip leaving a coating of clay next to the mould surface taking the shape of the mould.

The clay required is wholly dependendent on individual projects - for example temperatures, colour, shrinkage, texture.


Clay Options:

There are many clay options.  Country Love Crafts sell a small selection as follows:

White Earthenware Standard (Smooth)

We recommended this clay for hand-print and footprint impressions and casting.  This body produces an excellent casting slip and gives good green fired strength. Suitable for once-firing.

Firing temperature is 1100°c or Cone 03.  White Earthenware Clay.  Sold in two sizes - (1) 12.5 kg block or (2) 6.25kg block.

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Terracotta (Smooth - Medium)

Terracotta clay is a natural low fired clay. Terracotta is also a colour name.  This is an extremely popular general purpose clay based on a blend of Etruria Marls. Suitable for throwing, handling & casting.
Firing: 1080°C - 1160°C (Light red becoming darker as temperature is increased).

Slip Options:

Easy Cast Slip

We sell boxed Easy Cast slip - 2.38 x US Gallons,  Temp Range 1060 - 1100, Fired Colour White.

Available through our online shop - see kiln fired clay section.