Pottery To Go Kits

The concept of these kits work in a similar way to "wine glass hire".

Customers will collect the kit from a business and take them home.  They decorate the pottery at home and return the whole kit (including bisque).  The bisque is then fired and the customer collects the fired piece on a pre-agreed date.  

For a customer it means they paint at a leisurely pace in their own home.
For a business it is minimal work for a good return.

Businesses should take care with booking arrangements, stock supplies and setting/monitoring return dates - it is all too easy for a customer to hold on to the kit (and whilst one customer holds on to the kit, you can potentially lose another booking).  Most businesses request a down payment as a deposit.  The deposit should cover the cost of the materials sent out.  Typically, if all the goods are returned, the desposit is also returned.

Pottery-to-go kits contain everything needed to organise a DIY pottery painting evening, party or event.  They are also great for:

  • parties (adult, hen or children's birthday party) 
  • entertainment (rainy days, sleepover activities, family get together)
  • adults to relax and enjoy painting
  • groups, clubs, care homes, nurseries, special needs groups

Kit Contents

Kits should contain everything to paint your own pottery:

  • Instructions for painting
  • Pottery (always add a few extra as a contingency and only charge if they are used)
  • An assortment of underglaze colours (usually decanted into smaller 2oz bottles)
  • An assortment of brushes
  • Pencils or felt tips.  If you include pencils remember to check that the pencil will burn out as some pencils contain a waxy residue or react with the glaze to prevent the glaze or colour from adhering.
  • Underglaze pencil or writer bottles
  • Speciality products (e.g. dimensional underglazes) - optional
  • Decorating tools (e.g. sponges, clay carbon paper)
  • Paint Palettes
  • Water Pots
  • Your business contact information and return instructions (for example:  once you’ve finished, simply return the ceramics and the kit and your items will be glazed and fired, usually within a week. We’ll call you when they’re wrapped and ready to be collected. Simple!)

Customers pay for the pottery that they paint - the price should include glazing and firing.